We kindly inform our audience that due to the new covid-related provisions, the premiere of Philip Glass: Les Enfants Terribles (The Holy Terrors) scheduled for 21 November, 7 pm, is cancelled. Tickets may be redeemed at the festival’s website until 21 December.

Thank you for your understanding!


Rules of the House

Rules of the House

1. Entering CAFe Budapest events

By entering an event of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, a visitor agrees to and acknowledges CAFe Budapest’s rules of the house (henceforth: “Rules”).

  • Health protection regulations that follow from current laws and government recommendations are to be followed at CAFe Budapest events, while CAFe Budapest or its venues may also impose stricter rules on a case-by-case basis.
  • At all entrances of each venue, our staff members will measure, with non-contact handheld thermometers, the body temperature of those entering the venue. Visitors with a body temperature over the threshold set by the health safety authorities (currently 37.4°C) will be denied entrance to CAFe Budapest events.
  • To enter and stay at a festival venue, visitors over the age of six must wear masks that cover both their mouths and noses. This rule shall not apply at areas designated for the consumption of food and drinks, where the mask can be removed for the time of consumption. Visitors must bring their own masks.
  • Masks are mandatory at such open air events of CAFe Budapest where it is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres between visitors.
  • While CAFe Budapest strives to provide the best audience experience possible, in view of the current, extraordinary public health conditions, enforcing the health protection regulations and dealing with the consequences of cancelled events are of top priority. To ensure that the holders of tickets to such events that are cancelled because of the health regulations or recommendations can have their tickets refunded as soon as possible, the possibilities of obtaining tickets will be temporarily limited, with a preference given to online channels. For more information, visit our official site at www.cafebudapestfest.hu. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with regard to this rule.
  • Our performances and events can be attended with valid tickets. This rule shall not apply to free events and ones where attendance is only subject to registration.
  • Would visitors attending free events please be informed that attendance is subject to the capacity of the event hall, and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis, or, when applicable, is subject to pre-registration. Once the specified capacity has been reached, fire safety regulations will require that event hosts not allow more visitors to enter.
  • You visit the events of CAFe Budapest at your own risk.
  • When queuing (standing in line), please make sure to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from the person in front of you.
  • Guests arriving late, after the start of the performance, will only be allowed to take their seats with the aid of event hosts, without disturbing other members of the audience, which often may be as late as the first interval.
  • If safety measures slow down admittance, the performance will not start before all visitors have taken their seats, whether they have arrived on foot or by car. This rule notwithstanding, visitors are encouraged to arrive earlier than usual.

2. Right to make changes to programmes; ticket refunds

  • CAFe Budapest reserves the right to change the dates, times, venues and performers of its events, as well as the right to cancel them altogether.
  • Tickets can be refunded in the following cases:
    • When a ticket holder is prevented from attending a CAFe Budapest event by a flu-like illness or a suspected viral infection, or when they decide not to attend in view of the epidemiological situation, and they cannot transfer their tickets to someone else. The temporary rule for such eventualities – i.e. as long as the pandemic lasts – is that tickets can be returned, without providing a reason, until the day of the performance, on the webpage for ticket return, which can be found on our site at www.cafebudapestfest.hu.
    • If the event is cancelled.
  • If a visitor, when entering the building, exhibits symptoms (e.g. coughing), or their body temperature is found to exceed the threshold set by the public health authorities (currently 37.4°C), they will be asked to leave, and we will arrange to refund the price of their ticket online.
  • If a ticket needs to be refunded due to the illness or decision of its holder, CAFe Budapest shall return the price within 90 days from the date of the claim.
  • When an event is cancelled, tickets shall be refunded as follows:
    • When a CAFe Budapest event is cancelled, ticket holders can claim their refund within 30 days from the event date, on our official website, www.cafebudapestfest.hu, following the instructions found there. CAFe Budapest shall return the price within 90 days from the date of the claim.
    • You can make inquires about ticket returns by sending an email to info@cafebudapestfest.hu.
  • Tickets lost, destroyed or damaged cannot be replaced.

3. Right to assign seats to viewers

  • Whenever the ideal performance of a production necessitates it, CAFe Budapest shall have the right to assign seats to viewers other than those purchased, provided the new seat is of a higher price category. In such cases, event hosts shall inform viewers of the re-assignment.
  • Depending on the epidemiological situation and the standing relevant regulations at the time, event hosts may, in the interest of protecting the health of our viewers, or on their express request, request viewers to take free seats further away from other viewers.

4. Expected conduct at CAFe Budapest events

  • Performances intended for adults are not recommended for visitors under the age of six. When an event is intended for children, please be mindful of age recommendations. Should a child, with their behaviour or loud talking, disturb other viewers in the enjoyment of an event for adults, our event hosts may request the child and its guardian to leave the hall.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory on the entirety of a CAFe Budapest performance or event venue (public access areas, auditorium, backstage, operational areas, offices, etc.), as laid out in Section 1.
  • In view of the current, high risk of infection, please refrain from attending our events if you are ill, especially if you have upper respiratory tract complaints. Please stay at home for a speedy recovery, and if you can, give your ticket to someone else. Alternatively, claim a refund as laid out in Section 2. To ensure the safety of our visitors, CAFe Budapest staff may request visitors who refuse to observe this rule, or who fail to wear a mask properly, to leave the premises of the venue.
  • Further, event hosts may request viewers or visitors who disturb a performance or its enjoyment, or disturb or offend other people at the venue, with their talking, noisy or offensive behaviour, to leave. Mobile phones or other devices that may disturb an event must not be used during the event. When a visitor who has been requested to stop using such a device refuses to comply, event hosts, audience service officers or security staff may request them to leave the event hall. Upon the express request of the audience services officer, security staff will request the visitor who disturbs others or the performance to leave, will accompany them out if necessary, and may call upon the police to take action.
  • A person visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not attend an event, even if they are in possession of a valid ticket. Event hosts, the audience services officer and security staff shall have the right to request such visitors under the influence to leave the premises.
  • Vision and sound at the performances are integral parts of the production’s artistic concept. If you find the volume too low or too loud, please consider that sound technicians take especial care, throughout the entire performance, to ensure that the volume does not exceed permitted levels.
  • Visitors shall use the premises of the venue according to their intended purpose and keep them clean and orderly; equipment and furnishings in the buildings, and the buildings themselves, shall not be damaged and shall be used as per instructions. Visitors shall make all reasonable efforts to protect, and avoid endangering, their own and others’ life and bodily health, the property of the event venue and of others, as well as the building, furnishings and equipment of the event venue.
  • No pets, except guide dogs, no weapons or objects resembling weapons, nor any objects or substances constituting a hazard to life, bodily integrity and health, may be taken inside CAFe Budapest event venues. Means of transport (e.g. bicycles, scooters, small motorcycles, roller skates, skateboards, etc.) may be brought in if the device is foldable and can be carried in hand, in which case they must be deposited in the cloakroom.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the buildings of CAFe Budapest event venues. Smoking is only permitted outside the buildings, in designated areas.
  • Visitors must comply with the instructions of CAFe Budapest organizers, event hosts and security staff. In the event of some extraordinary occurrence (natural disaster, fire, bomb alert, etc.), visitors must follow the instructions of said employees, as well as those of the given event venue’s evacuation plan.
  • On the entire premises of a CAFe Budapest event, activities that are at variance with the intended purpose of the building, or any business activities, shall be carried out only with the written permission of CAFe Budapest.

5. Recording audio and video

Data protection
  • By entering a CAFe Budapest event venue, visitors expressly give their consent to be part, as visitors, of any audio and video recording that may be taken on the entirety of the premises of the venue, including its halls. By attending a (public) event of CAFe Budapest, you allow the organizers to use said recordings as part of their core, cultural activity. You may not make any claims against the organizers, the makers of the recording, or those who have a valid title to use the recording, when the recording is made use of in said manner.
  • CAFe Budapest expressly informs its viewers and visitors to its event venues that CAFe Budapest shall not record or handle any personal health data that may arise during the admittance or the ticket refund process.
  • See our detailed Privacy Policy on the official website of CAFe Budapest.
  • You may take photos at an event venue for your personal use only. Owing to copyright protection applicable to the festival venues, all other forms of use requires our prior written authorization, which you may request by sending an email to info@cafebudapestfest.hu.
  • No audio or video may be recorded during concerts, performances and other events. (This includes audio and video recorded with a mobile phone.) Failure to observe this rule may entail the legal consequences of the infringement of copyright and related rights. If a visitor refuses to stop recording audio or video during a concert, performance or event, when requested to do so by an event host, event hosts, the audience services officer and security staff may request them to leave the event hall and the premises of the venue.

The above rules constitute the Rules of the House. Visitors who violate these rules may be warned; may then be banned from the venue of the given festival event for a specific period of time; and may have administrative action brought against them. The violator of the Rules, or the person who is the guardian of the violator of the Rules, shall be held liable for any damages resulting from the violation of the Rules. If the breach of the Rules is also a breach of law, the person breaching the Rules or the guardian of this person shall be held legally responsible, and shall bear any legal consequences that may arise.
Observing these Rules is in our mutual interest. We kindly request the cooperation of our esteemed visitors in this regard.
Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

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The organizers reserve the right to make changes.

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